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RenuYou Neurofeedback Center is Oklahoma's premier, Board Certified (BCIA) clinic for treatment, research and development of Neorofeedback. Pioneering the advancement of Neurofeedback in Oklahoma, seven years ago, Doctors all over the country refer their patients to this highly regarded facility.


Neurofeedback is an exciting field in neuro-therapy that is helping people all over the world conquer brain dis-regulation issues.  Medical Doctors, Neurologists, Neuropsychologists, Psychotherapists, and Naturopaths  utilize Neurofeedback for its power to heal the brain from disorders like Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, learning disorders and also to achieve peak performance in athletics, music or buisness


Neurofeedback therapy is sometimes referred to as brainwave training in that it teaches the brain how to produce desirable brainwave activity that is conducive to healthy brain functioning and peaceful emotional states.


The commonality in all disorders treated by Neurofeedback Therapy is abnormal brainwave patterns.  In some cases, EEG Brain Imaging may show insufficient brain activity for appropriate arousal, as in cases of hyperactivity and some learning disabilities.  In other cases there may be found overactive brain activity that can indicate anxiety. In every case, we know that appropriate brain wave activity is crucial for normal brain function.   


Amazingly, Neurofeedback therapy works to help the brain adapt and produce brainwaves that are conducive to proper functioning.  Contrary to many other treatment modalities, Neurofeedback Therapy is not invasive, it is drug free, and there are no negative side effects. 


Neurofeedback is based on operant conditioning principles using the basis of reward biofeedback.  Using electrodes placed on the ears and head, Neurofeedback therapy reinforces desirable brainwave patterns and discourages undesirable patterns. At the RenuYou Neurofeedback Center the reward biofeedback utilizes popular media like watching a movie or listening to music.  As desirable brainwave patterns emerge they are reinforced by the continued playing of the movie or music.  As undesirable brainwave patterns emerge the reward is taken away and the client experiences an interruption in the movie or music.  This process causes the brain to produce more of the desired brain wave patterns and less of the undesired patterns.  As sessions progress, these patterns become a more normative part of the patients brainwave patterns, requiring less and less reinforcement.  Once these neuropathways are forged they become a permanent part of the brains physiology.  This explains why progress is permanent in non-degenerative disorders.


In some cases patients’ improvements begin to emerge within the first 10 sessions.  These are typically those being treated for pain, fatigue and sleep disorders.  More commonly, noticeable improvements arise between 10-20 sessions and become more and more prominent by session 40, where many patients complete their treatment.  In the case of more severe disorders, 60 or more sessions are desirable.


Welcome to the promising world of neurofeedback.  We look forward to helping you.


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Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

Head Injuries

Memory Loss

Migraines/ Pain

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sleep Disorders

Stroke Complications







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